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Eliminates unwanted odors from industrial production with the help of liquid microorganisms.

We install spray equipment in the form of a high-pressure pump, liquid tank and high-pressure hose that is connected to a number of high-pressure nozzles. For outdoor installation, heating cable and insulation are also installed. The liquid is distributed as droplets over the area where the unwanted odor occurs.

SveLog Odor Control is a biotechnological method for reducing the odor disturbances that occur during production, incineration or when organic waste is broken down. 

The system starts dosing the liquid according to the setting in the control system and then continues to continuously dose the liquid as long as the operation is running, ie as long as production is ongoing or new organic waste is added. 
The system is also binding particles.
A Biological Product
The concentrated liquid is a biological product that contains microorganisms that have odor-reducing properties . The microorganisms are facultative, spore-forming of the genus Bacillus and are known as odor-degrading microorganisms. The liquid quickly and efficiently removes bad odors during production or from organic waste at, for example, environmental stations (dustbins & containers) and in compactors. The liquid removes odors and prevents odors at the source of the problem and spreading in the area. The liquid is pH-neutral (6.8-7.5) and gentle for the environment and users.

Our latest installation of

SveLog Odor Control

at a factory in Sweden.

  • We get a very high odor reduction.
  • We bind particles such as sulfur and bitumen. Watch video.
  • Flammable coating on the inside of the chimney is reduced and disappears.
Luktkontoll på asfaltsfabrik, innan montageSkorsten med monterad högtycksslang och värmekabel, isolerat.Luktkontroll i skorsten.Effektiv luktkontroll vid asfaltsproduktionManöverpanel och elskåp i conatiner.